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Wellness Treatments

It’s easy to forget that feeling good and looking good go hand in hand. So much more than just a massage, these wellness focused treatments will bring your mind and body back into balance. Ayuroma Touch is a unique combination of ancestral Ayurvedic massage. A deeply relaxing technique melts away tension, soothes the mind and revives the senses.

Treatment time: 1hr 10mins

Beauty Sleep £84

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, a lack of sleep can really take its toll on your skin. We use specially selected products and gentle massage movements to encourage a meditative state and induces a dreamlike, zen space of relaxation proven to increase sleep quality.

Energy Booster £84

This vitality-boosting, mood-enhancing treatment uses energising massage movements and optimised pressure to sweep away stress and help rebalance body and mind. Your skin will look radiant and your body will feel recalibrated.

Treatment time: 1hr 10mins

Ultra Relaxing Facial £72

This facial aims to soothe the mind and rebalance the skin. We combine guided breathing exercises, deeply relaxing Ayuroma Touch massage with calming essential oils. You’ll be able to completely disconnect from the stressors of modern life and worries of the outside world. Your mind will be rebalanced and refocused and the tension in your skin will disappear.

Treatment time: 60mins

Hopi Ear Candling - Thermo-Auricular Therapy £39

Ear candles have been used by many cultures as an effective, natural therapy since ancient times. The ear candles we use contain only pure beeswax, honey extract and traditional herbs with pure essential oils. Treatment helps alleviate nasal congestion and is often described as a soothing, pressure and pain-relieving sensation in the ear and head.

Treatment time: 40mins

Reflexology £48

A wonderfully relaxing, non-invasive treatment, which balances the body. Following the 10-Zone principle of acupuncture, hand pressure is applied to both feet sending messages through every organ in the body up to the brain. This treatment is particularly beneficial in combating stress, IBS, back pain, PMT, migraine and arthritis as well as many minor ailments.

Treatment time: 60mins

Indian Head Massage £46

Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. The massage focuses on your head, neck and shoulders and was originally used to improve scalp and hair condition. It is a deep massage, using a variety of pressure and techniques, including circular massage strokes on your scalp, deep tissue work on your shoulders, and stretching the neck. 

Treatment time: 35mins

Reiki £35

Our visiting expert trained for her Reiki master degree in the USUI and Tibetan systems. A fully clothed treatment either sitting or lying with hands positioned either on or above the body using Universal energy. This often produces a warm sensation and is a deeply relaxing and healing process.

Treatment time: 30mins

Maximise the results of your treatment by adding a 20 minute skin boosting add on

£20 EACH

+ Back Massage

+ Hand & Foot Massage

+ Scalp, Neck & Décolleté Massage